Wednesday, January 5, 2011

oakie mumday explained + cross rocks


This is a view off of White Rock Road, which we took to look for eagles and hawks and whomever else we could find. Talked about that trip here.

Along the way, we stopped at our favorite site to look for "cross rocks." More accurately known as chiastolite, a type of andalusite that has interior crosses on display.

Here they are (and who they attracted):

Aren't they beauties? These are fat photos, so feel free to click on it to look more closely.

The third shot of cross rocks got a walk on...

Good for a sense of scale. =)

Perhaps he is meditating on the wonders of geology.

Or, whether there are any treats left in the cupboard.


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  1. Or he's appalled at your offering!

    That is cool geology.


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