Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OMG so excited...

Officially registered for the George Wright Society Conference, so apparently I'm really going. Exciting! March 14-18, and I even signed up for a field trip, so should be very fun!

Only happens every 2 years, so I am always waiting with bated breath. It's a major dose of park/open space preservation edification and HUGEly social, tho' I know very few folks from the west going, this year (many NPSers living under a travel ceiling that's VERY low).

These things are very exciting for a chatty biologist working largely from her home office in the sticks. I've already started trying on outfits; I get to dress up in real professional people clothes and everything! (says the woman who is presently wearing jeans, trail running shoes, a black viva la evolution t-shirt (courtesy of AAAS), brown sweatshirt (ooh, just realized it's on backwards), a down jacket, and a bright blue fuzzy hat. STYLIN'!)

Spent some quality time at Zappos yesterday, if you know what I mean...


Are there any meetings you get to go to, now and then, that you get excited about? DO tell. Any pre-meeting rituals? Mid-meeting survival strategies/traditions?




  1. Ive never been to a meeting in any professional capacity....but Zappos changed my life.

  2. I was thinking that pre-meeting rituals was silly but now I have been musing about it for two days. Mine are: polish the cowboy boots if I am a presenter because they make me stand tall and therefore speak slowly and clearly, study the participant list so I at least remember a few names, bring a novel to read when being shy and hiding out in the room at night. I had never heard of the George Wright Society before, interesting.

  3. Wow, GREAT ideas, Cindy. Thanks so much for sharing. I've got a favorite pair of boots and it's funny how it amps up my confidence tangibly to klonk around in those pups. =) Yes, novel is CRITICAL packing element. And peeking at participants list--sooo smart. And you feel a little like a spy. =)

  4. Also: sit at a table where you know no-one for EVERY SINGLE meal or breakout session, introduce yourself, listen. Stuff business cards in your pocket every morning. When you hand a business card to someone or receive one, immediately turn it over and write a note on what you just talked about or info you were going to get for or asked from them, and get back to them asap when you get back. Sincerely thank the organizers, they are probably exhausted, ask them if you can grab them a sandwich or something because they are probably working straight through lunch. Find at least one student and talk to them, ask them about their interests and if they have any questions or want to be introduced to someone. Go on every single field trip you can squeeze in!!! You are not allowed to read the novel at night unless you introduced yourself to one new person. Wear your brightest Hawaiian shirt to the social event, have only one beer and dance. Durn, suddenly I am remembering all these great people I have met at conferences and in these days of tight budgets, I only send my staff and I don't go. I better start lending them my Hawaiian shirts.


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