Sunday, January 23, 2011

Was there a canine rave last night?

In the last 30 seconds I have seen, moving across my property from east to west, 10-15 yards behind the chicken coop:

1 LARGE brown lab
1 PAIR of coyotes

I have NEVER seen a pair of coyotes here before. Singletons, sure, but two?!?

Wow. Two close passes of major predators in 30 seconds.


Through subsequent discussions with friends, and the fact that they'd all come from the east, a neighborhood filled to the brim with dogs, I am now positing that they were returning home to crash after an all night canine rave.

Glad I was being a bit lazy today in getting the "girls" out into their chicken runs.

An added benefit to this episode, besides delight at seeing beaUtiful wildlife is that I'm all refreshed, now, having taken an impromptu jog after the coyotes to encourage them to move on through. I think they giggled as they VERY casually jogged back into the wildlands behind our house.

"Yeah, yeah, lady, we know. We're going..."




  1. Friday was the Wolf Moon. Seems like there have been predator parties in my area too.

  2. Wow, that's too cool. Read about it on Wiki: Thanks for that--super interesting! =)


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