Thursday, January 20, 2011

up coming posts: 100 Days of Yoga, etc.

So, I believe in my first blog post I reserved the right to blog a bit about fitness. Not only am I interested in it, but it relates to the human body, physiology, etc. And that all connects to the biologist in my brain, so I find it interesting.

Well, yesterday marked the 100th in my 100 Days of Yoga, so I wanna blog about that.

And I will.

BUT, I am working on it, and in order to keep it from being PAINfully dull and all-about-me-y, I am carving it up into pieces, and editing it so it is coherent and at least somewhat entertaining.

I hope I hope I hope.

Caveat caveat caveat.


AND in the interim, I will be making an effort, I promise, to get my biobabbler buns OUT there and take some new photos of, as my cousin once said, "the nature."

Anyhow, this 100 Days of Yoga has been an interesting exercise, no pun intended, and I did NOT get some stuff I thought I'd get out of it, and I DID get some things out of it I never anticipated.

Have you ever set upon some sort of long-ish endeavor where the results were not what you expected? I'd love to hear about it, so if you are inspired, please "comment" away.



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  1. Well, bio-b, as you probably know, writing a blog is a longish endeavor with surprises and frustrations. I can't believe how much of my personal time it consumes and how long it takes me to write each post. On the other hand, I am amazed at how focused I have become in researching and reflecting on those odd questions that come up when I am outside and how much I enjoy writing.


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