Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to bake a blog: blog-nerd questions

If you have any opinion about the stuff on the right side of this blog (keep, nuke, move), feel free to share. I am tinkering.

  • I deleted "recent comments" 'cause it's embarrassing how many times it's me (still babbling),
  • will probably delete the new "popular posts" 'cause it's a bit too "it's all about ME!!!!"
  • added a search function (totally for me),
  • deleted the sharing thing 'cause I don't think it gets used.

Trying to get the blend right

Anything there you like and want me to keep/undelete? Do you like seeing your comments on that side thingy? Please lemmeno and/or share your experience with your blog. =)




  1. I twiddle with mine occasionally, but tend to 'try' and keep stuff to a minimum.

    Personally speaking I like to have the archive nearer the top, as I delude myself that a title might catch someone's eye enough for them to want to go and read it.

    As for the popular posts, it's YOUR blog, so of course it's all about you! Go ahead, blow your own trumpet!!

    I must admit, when I've seen comments on the side bar thingy on any blogs, I ignore them and prefer instead to read the comments underneath the relevant post.

  2. @Bub, thanks VERY much for your thoughts. Totally appreciate it. =) Maybe I'll try "popular posts" again once they fix the format (it's a mess right now and canna' deal).

  3. When I visit your blogsite, I am often thinking,"I wonder where the Bab is now?" and I know in an instant I will see photos of the outdoors, probably of CA, I may recognize but I also may not, you may describe details, or you may have us guessing. I like all those things. The badges in the right-hand column have led me other places so that is cool. Sometimes I wish your photos were larger. I know I can click them larger but I really like seeing these interesting places immediately surrounded by your thought-provoking words. I also like witnessing the various ways you interact with the outside world either through profession or fun, so when you had a photo and description of quad monitoring in the tidal areas - super nice. If you were to post keywords (I think Blogger calls them Labels), I would be more likely to check out your prior posts than by clicking through the archive. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  4. Jeepers, Cindy, what a SUPER nice comment! SO glad you enjoy some of this stuff. I will look into the things you suggest. Thanks very much!!! The Bab. =)

  5. I'm linking to this post. I'll nominate you for the Stylish blog award! I use the recent comments widget as a substitute for CommentLuv, as a way to say sincerely, Thanks for commenting. I also like Link Within, it reminds me too, of older posts I wrote.

    One nuke, is there something I don't understand about all those labels? How many of those labels are attached to just the one post? Which you can find by searching for ...? As a librarian, I want that label to point me to a GROUP of posts that Google doesn't see as a group. For instance photo-photography-photo=quiz. Would you or I look for 'photo'? A photo of ... yes!

  6. Jeeze, Elephant's Eye, Thank you SO MUCH! That's so sweet! I don't know what to say. =')

    Thanks for the other widget ideas and thoughts. I just deleted all those labels that only had 1 post connected to them (wish they made this an automatic option, but did it by hand)--I, too, was not so interested in the singletons. I think I will compare the search option to the label one. And maybe I'll put the recent comments back up. xo


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