Friday, February 4, 2011

Phriday photo quiz


What is this?



  1. That's an extreme close up of my face yesterday morning at 7 am when it was -15 F.

  2. ah, good belly laugh, Melissa. Nice work! =) (btw OUCH re: -15 F!)

  3. Forested mountains taken from a plane, or blue blancmange with a hair in it (I don't think I'll ever eat the stuff again after figuring out how it's spelt).

  4. Hey, Lynda, after looking it up, I believe you've solved a long-standing mystery. The only time I flew to Tahiti (lo these many years ago) the flight was delayed, and we got on about 11:30 pm or midnight, LAX. About 3 or so hours later, EVERYONE is asleep on the plane, they wake us up to feed us. This is Corsair, zey are French. One of the things on our plate was unrecognizable to me: white and somewhat custard like and totally mysterious. I think it was blancmange! At least literally.

    Good guesses, but so far, no... =)

  5. ice.... fronzen pond/lake/puddle, or frozen over windshield.


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