Sunday, February 13, 2011

somnambulistic gardener?

Friday afternoon, I looked down, there was a shovel in my hand, dirt on my jeans, and, apparently, I'd turned over the soil on one of my 5x14 foot garden plots.

Did I commit a crime while sleeping, and wake up after burying the body?

Nope: it's somnambulistic gardening, gardening while asleep (or otherwise in an altered state).

Weather's been SO GORGEOUS lately, I think it's casting a spell upon me, and my body starts gardening, while my brain is still checked out.

Today it grabbed hold of me again, I planted lettuce (marvielle de quatre saison, in the back on the right, 2 long rows) and Swiss chard (neon lights, in the blob section in the foreground). Pretty much too early for the latter, but I really don't care; it was delightful.

And now that there is dirt under my fingernails, my mood is MUCH better than it was this morning. Hooray for earthen meditation!



  1. This sounds like you're setting up an alibi!

    But there are few things as effective as gardening for lifting the mood and creating a sense of achievement. Not much digging here, of course, but lots of pruning. I love it.

  2. Mmmm....dirt under the fingernails...the story of my life!

  3. garden...sigh! I want one! one day! agreed about dirt under the fingernails!


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