Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's random vocabulary quiz...

I woke up with the word "tessellated" repeating over and over in my head this morning. By which I mean, while lying in bed, then standing and shuffling downstairs, here's a moment in my brain: "tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated tessellated."

Oh, the fun I have.


I must say, though, it does seem like my brain is trying to rescue my education by shoving these words back at me vs. just straight up deleting them 'cause they're dusty. So, I appreciate that.

Actually, the word "thessellated" was in my head, but during my trip downstairs to sleepily start my day my brain woke up enough to think, "No, I think it's tessellated, whatever it is, not thessellated."

So, what does tessellated mean?

Here's how the quiz works:

1. You DON'T look it up,

2. You guess either by knowing or completely making something up (and comment, pretty please),

3. THEN you may satisfy your curiosity and look it up later (but please don't include THAT answer in your guess) or wait for my answer post, which will be in a few days (to allow folks time to participate).

Your reward is flexing your brain, and being proud of your bravery re: vocab guessing. OR showing off if you know or kinda know. =)

I looked it up and tho' I learned it in a non-biological context, it turns out I have a photograph that shows tessellation in nature, so I'm already psyched about my vocab answer post.

=) Thank you in advance for playing!



  1. tessellated- with lots of little delicate hanging thingies. Like a huckleberry bush with berries. I guess I'm thinking tassels.

  2. Tessellated: when something is made or becomes electrified

  3. an early form of electro-shock therapy. Or when the mean farmer John stuck his finger in a wall socket, his now widowed wife Tess, became ellated.

  4. =) You guys are so creative. Love it. =)

  5. I just remember 'tessellated pavement' from Geology 101. I think it was eroded into a honey-comb sort of pattern.


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