Saturday, March 12, 2011

garden update + new spring bloomer but few words

Have not started packing yet and hoping to leave for 4 hour drive in 1 hour (probably not going to happen), will be gone allllll next week, so this may be last post, and due to rush, it's a pseudo Mumday. Almost Silent Saturday?

Anyhow, enjoy, and feel free to interpret via comments any way you see fit. =)


  1. Yay! got our first crocus to open up today!

  2. Oh, how I love fresh greens in a salad. So satifying that they come from YOUR garden!

    The last photo is the flower of my nemesis, Filaree! It's been in California since the explorers brought it somehow from Europe and its tiny dead bodies have been found adobe bricks in nearly all the CA missions. Cattlemen used it to tell if a field was noursihing enough to feed their stock.

    Interesting, but it's just not compatible with my dog's fur. hahaha

  3. Your lettuce is looking great! My fall-planted lettuce and spinach survived the winter (though munched by rabbits) so this week I'll be thinning it out. Yay spring!

  4. =) @ Melissa: hooray!
    @ DGG: totally funny--nice!
    @ SFG: yes, interesting re: the bricks! Yes, re: dogs.
    @ST: Nice! Yes, yay spring. 'course now look at my house (latest post)--a foot of snow covering everything and more to come. =)


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