Thursday, April 28, 2011

another gift! fairy moth!

From today, off of Highway 49, south of Coulterville, CA.

First learned about them from The Skeptical Moth.

Here is last year's post "Freaking OUT!" where I SO RANDOMLY ran across them with camera about 2 days after I first learned they EXISTED (from SM). Back then, they were on Highway 140, near El Portal.

I just e-mailed him and thereby figured out his blog moved, and he has recently posted a shot of these guys. ANYhow, he said:

"The moth in your great photo is likely to be Adela trigrapha (Adelidae).  However, up in the foothill area the species become convoluted and it could also be Adela eldorata." So, there ya go.

What I could tell before asking is that today's fabulous creature is male.

And gorgeous.

And a wonderful, wonderful birthday gift.




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