Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ensatina salamander and E.O. Wilson bonding in Yosemite =)

This creature was located by one of the ranger's kids, of course, tucked in the forest floor. =)

In Dr. Wilson's happy hands.

Ensantina eschscholzii platensis, the Sierra Nevada Ensatina,
a truly charming creature.

"I love this man!" (my interpretation of the Ensatina's thoughts. Either that, or "Thank you for speaking for the forest!" or, probably more realistically, "mmm... warm!")

When looking at this animal, Dr. Wilson talked about how they are a ring species (that link to ring species info is a really interesting page, with lots of additional info. [AND I know the guy who took the Ensatina picture, a USGS guy, fun to see his stuff--great photographer]), and tho' I thought Dr. Wilson said he wrote a paper on it (Ensatina being a ring species), I'm really not sure, and could not find it.

I did find a version of Dr. Wilson's CV (curriculum vitae) and under published articles it said "Scientific, about 370."

"About" 370. As in, "Who really knows, at this point?"

Can you imagine having that on YOUR resume?


And look at the list of his relatively recent books. They come out VERY QUICKLY. Stunning productivity.

I can just see Kathy's (Kathleen Horton, his super charming assistant) fingers flying.

She's gotta be one heck of a typist!



P.S. Tomorrow, the various instances of bug identification during his visit. He seems to turn all nature-oriented adults into little kids--"What's this one, on my arm?!?" So cute. =)


  1. Those hands! You can just see the experience in them. It's nice to meet your idol. He looks to be a personable guy, too.

  2. I've been waiting all day to read this. Great info and inspiring company. The link to the ring species article is very informative, not only the biological content but, again, also the company. Having worked a little recently with David Wake on an unusual salamander sighting, it's good to be reminded how he has advanced Stebbin's work. I'm excited to read tomorrow's bug post.

  3. . . . and that is a gorgeous marbled colored ensatina.

  4. @Sue: I know, the hands are great. Yes, he's totally the nicest guy, really positive, chatting away with people.
    @Cindy: Cool re: your salamander work and yes, it's SO beautiful. I love how the "background" of it's skin looks like an infinite sky with tiny pinpoint stars. Reflecting the world around us. TOO fabulous.


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