Monday, April 11, 2011

na na, na na, na na, na na -- ANT MAN!

So, Monday Quiz:

("Bear" took this photo)

Who is the gentleman in the jacket?
(note field guide in pocket 'cause he's THAT cool)

And, therefore, if this was yesterday, how hard did my Sunday rock this weekend?!?




  1. Is that E.O. Wilson?!? Who else would be described as a "gentleman"? If it is, I am so envious!

  2. YES! =)

    He toured Yosemite valley yesterday, listening to various NPS and USGS folks talk about science in the park (per his request), stopping to look at salamanders, beetles and, of course, ants along the way. What a NICE GUY. Jeepers. And his assistant is a doll--she's worked for him for (I think) about 30 years.

    WHAT an exciting day.

    He'd not been to Yosemite since the road trip he and Tom Eisner took in the 50s (see Friday April 8th post). Amazing! Hope he'll come back and bring the ant cavalry along with to look for cool stuff!!

  3. If that is what I think it is, someone should tell John Muir Laws that EO Wilson carried his field guide while touring Yosemite for the first time in 60 years. wow!

  4. @Cindy, I KNOW. I was totally going to try and find his e-mail and send him that pic--it was on loan from one of the rangers, but I have pictures of him pointing to a beetle in it and was there when they saw a spider on a bridge and sure enough, out pops the field guide. SUCH a biologist. =)

  5. Jack will be at our wildflower show here in PG this coming weekend to conduct classes. If I see him, I'll direct him to bb's site. Or, here's his site with contact info:

  6. @Katie Thanks! His contact info was pretty easy to find so I sent him an e-mail, but the in person thing is great, too. =) Re: your previous comment, I kept thinking Sunday that if I wasn't me, I'd be jealous of me, although one NPS guy there had the Theory of Island Biogeography with him for Dr. Wilson to sign, and the moment I saw that I told that guy "I hate you. I'm so JEALOUS!" He was all smiles. Fun day.

  7. I met Robert C. Stebbins last year and he signed my Western Reptiles and Amphibians. A photo of a coast gartersnake fell out and he was telling me stories about them. I was too ga-ga to ask any intelligent questions, but now when I reach around to check something in that book, I always pause and smile to think of him. Nature nerds!

  8. @Cindy: I LOVE that--Nature Nerds. Sounds like a great name for a club (or a snack). =) Many, many of my friends are NNs.


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