Friday, April 22, 2011

terrifying post from Africa -- thanks for the heart attack, Lynda!

This post on Mainly Mongoose is TERRIFYING. HOLY CRAP.

And read the comments (if mine gets posted) for my take on reptiles and mercy. Yeah. Good luck.

Oh, and her post reinforces Zombieland's SAGE advice that I'll never forget. The only zombie movie I've seen and I think it's SUPER SMART re: survival. I'm not sure their intent was for someone to take it seriously, but I have.

And I totally agree.

Rule # 1: CARDIO

Hero and zombies actually run past and into Rule #1 in the parking lot in this clip, but it's in HUGE letters across the screen when he 1st talks about it and returns to the screen when it's germane. =)

Apparently, Zombieland and Africa can be equally unpredictable and lethal.

Happily, Lynda is a speedy runner and she and her doggies are okay.

Hence her ability to type said post.

Never forget Rule #1.

There's a reason it's Rule #1.


Now, thanks to Lynda, I'm going to have to collapse into a shaky heap. (pant pant pant)

... and later, definitely go to the gym and do a buncha cardio...



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  1. Oh dear. I feel that I should at least have lost a leg to be worthy of this write up. Thank you! I'll try to do better next time...


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