Saturday, May 14, 2011

I seldom do this, but you must see this...

From the blog, nature of man, apparently they set up a camera "trap" just outside where they knew coyotes were denning.

21 hours later the batteries died.

Very unusual.

Normally, speaking from my experience, this means something BORING happened, like a tuft of grass triggered the camera every time it bowed in the wind. Once happened to me and the cause was waves in the Pacific. Every time a wave rolled up, CLICK! Yeah.



Dozens and dozens of shots of baby coyote pups playing and playing and playing.


There's SEVEN pups.

It'll lift anyone's mood. =)

Oh, and I realize this is also on my blog roll, but in case it gets bumped down the list, check THIS out, too. AWESOME. Nature is SO stunning sometimes, I can barely take it. And in my comment on MOBugs I put a link back HERE to ANOTHER natural STUNNER who took my breath away (scroll down...).



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