Sunday, May 15, 2011

no guesses?? Phriday Photo Quiz ripe for the picking

A little low on doses of GLORY in your life?

Well, then, try out Friday's photo quiz. Even if you get VERY creative (i.e. have more imagination that botanical know-how), you may soon bathe in glory, at least within the confines of this blog.

Just in case you're intimidated, let it be known that I, little Miss "I have a Master's Degree... in science,"* only know one of them for sure, the 2nd is one of 2 options that I know of (we'll see if I can figure out which), and the 3rd, well, I'll be having to figure it out, too, in order stamp "Yea" or "Nay, brave soldier" on the no-doubt impending FLOOD of inspired guesses.


Oh, by the way, yesterday I weeded my garden-to-be-but-current-refuge-for-all-sorts-of-nasty-exotics for two sneezelicious hours, accompanied by fellow dirt disturber, Fanny, our Rhode Island Red. Mature grass clumps were ripped mercilessly from the Earth, while they exacted their own revenge by stealing topsoil from me, clutched by their tangled roots.

ANYhow, I'm STILL feeling the effects of that spectacular face-in-grass-pollen fest. Ears itch, hearing not great, a bit blinky (won't scratch eyes--I've learned), right pinky still sporting small, black splinter-owie...

Anyhow, so yesterday dust and pollen and grasses, oh my.

This morning?

That is my garden.

Hunh. Was supposed to snow down to 5,000 feet. We're well below that.

An under that snowy coating is a fat layer of hail,
based on last nights soundscape.

Guess I'll wait until my return (from fieldwork) to plant the
precious peppers, tomatoes, and basil plants.

They're getting awfully tall and spindly...

Anyhow, please warm up that brain and fling some guesses toward that Phriday Photo Quiz.

And have a great week. I may not post much as will be fieldwork-ing. We'll see.

Any freaky weather your way? Exciting gardening action?

=)  xobb

*Extreme minutia: I went to a show by Duck's Breath Mystery Theater with my dad when I was about 12. I bought and kept a black t-shirt from that for a VERY long time and TO THIS DAY am BITTER than I chucked a t-shirt from THAT long ago that I still dearly loved. What kinda spring-cleaning mania was I ON?!?


  1. Down here at 2500 feet we started with wet snow, then went to hail, followed in late afternoon by sunshine. Now it's raining. We'll see what survives in the garden tomorrow.

  2. =) Hee. Good luck! Yes, it's been an interesting spring. My road trip just now had me driving through rain and hail, then ended up NW of the storm and saw CRAZY orange strip of horizon with purple rain patches streaming down. Felt MUCH better about drive, then. =)


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