Monday, May 2, 2011

Overdue quiz answer...

This is the tomato pic/quiz I posted a few weeks ago:

I got precisely ONE guess, a VERY good one, from Kyna of the always amusing Crystal Coast Gardener blog. Her guess was Black Krim, a variety from eastern Europe/Ukraine that's very similar. In FACT, among the tomato plants I bought yesterday WAS a Black Krim, which I'm very excited about.

For being the sole brave soul re: guessing, we say:

Yay, Kyna!!! Woo-hoo!

However, yesterday I did NOT find the variety pictured above, which I hope I can remedy as they are the MOST exquisitely tasty tomato I've EVER had.

And I am NOT a tomato person.

It's the Cherokee purple tomato, allegedly originally from a Cherokee Indian who shared the seeds that eventually were developed commercially.

I posted it 'cause tho' one seed catalog described its yield as "somewhat stingy," and I agree, and it seems prone to cracking (tho' I'm NOT good at even watering), it produces the most richly flavored tomato I've ever had.

And the inside is SO BEAUTIFUL! CRAZY colors.

So, beauty and taste.

Who could resist?

Not bb.


P.S. Photos of goodies I bought for the garden yesterday coming soon-ish, including a list of what lovelies I picked and crammed into the little red wagon the nursery provided. In the mean time, I REALLY need to get digging!!!

P.P.S. Allowing a little more time before I post the answer to yesterday's random, botanical quiz, so feel free! =)


  1. When I purchased tomatoes for my garden this year, the Black Krim and the Cherokee Purple were both available in the big box garden center. This surprised me a little, because usually they only carry the bred for mass market hybrids. I purchased one of each. We shall see how they do.

  2. Wtracy: NICE! That IS surprising. I hope they (and you) flourish. =) YUM yum yum...


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