Thursday, June 16, 2011

13 steps...

from my front door, standing out, bright and tall, in a sea of grass...

Check out it's companions, within.

Just from my house I've seen 2 or 3.

Normally I never see any from the house.

I think they dug this late, WET spring; they're VERY TALL.

SO, so stunning. Such sophisticated flowers.

While something that intricate, grand, and tall
can leave you feeling clumsy and oafish by comparison,

I'm just so happy to see them.

Anytime they'll let me,
I'll gladly,
and oh-so-happily
trundle over to worship.

From a respectful distance,
bien sûr.


P.S. It's a Mariposa lily, Calochortus sp. Haven't looked it up, but did learn it's NOT Calochortus venustus 'cause it's square "gland" does make a bump on the outside of the petal. Such complex, mysterious creatures. Heavenly. *sigh*


  1. How beautiful!

    (I'm glad you said what it was because I love North American wildflowers, but have no idea about identification.)

  2. Oh, jeepers, GREAT reminder.

    I almost DIDn't include the P.S. 'cause I thought it was so obvious. WHICH IS SILLY. It's just obvious to ME since I'm infatuated with these stunning, particular creatures.

    Met a woman years ago in San Diego (v. southern most California) and she was a Calochortus studier. She said they are very particular. You can have YEARS where they, a bulb plant (perennial), will not bloom. Then, one year their preferred weather regime happens (she said she could not figure out what that was) and BOOM, they all bloom.

    Down in San Diego we had Calochortus splendens. REALLY well named. =)


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