Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm smelling our new visitor RIGHT NOW...

Will show pictures I TRIED to take of same (did not do well) tomorrow (it's late) but was v. pleased I figured out (via other evidence I'll share tomorrow) that someone new was on our property. BEFORE the smell.


Gee, can ya guess who?


ps at this VERY MOMENT I am hearing quiet sounds RIGHT outside the window that is 5 feet from my left leg. !!! (it's VERY dark, here...)


  1. hmmm...'smelling' your visitor...and it's whatever it is must be nocturnal & has a smelly scent all the time?! and 'other evidence' digging? pile o' poop? hmmm...gotta THINK...hopefully i'll come with a guess before you post... :]

  2. hee. other evidence I will post anon. =) hee. SMARTY!

  3. what's black and white and is smelly all over?
    O'la la

  4. ok...i came back to see what is was...but don't see any more hints...or pic's...i hope whatever it was...didn't get you! :/


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