Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Milky Way season, an amazing time-lapse video. Who knew?

When I first read the tweet, I thought "there's a season for candy bars?"

Uh, no.

This is much, much bigger and cooler.

Check out your own glorious galaxy.

This was created by farmer/photographer Randy Halverson in South Dakota. Check out Dave Mosher's post for details re: how Randy did this and what you're looking at.




  1. I love time-lapse "videos." We have so many clouds or fog here on the coast that I rarely get to see the stars like this. The music is a perfect accompaniment. If you like time-lapse, too, here's another from San Fran:

    ps - Looking for your sick chicken post.

  2. Crap, thats a great video. And its only 1 Dakota away!

  3. @K: So glad you liked it and yes, I will check it out, thanks!

    @SS: Yes, see, all kindsa cool stuff happening up your way. =)


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