Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo quiz: warning--wildlife poop post (tho' not totally gross)

So, here it is:

Who might have left this:

And why am I excited (happy) that it's here?

BTW: replanted ALL my pole beans yesterday as the ones I planted a ways back did NOTHING. Granted, the beans were in a glass container on the counter for, oh, a few YEARS, so probably not a shock. Replaced them with beans I bought yesterday, inoculated, and planted yesterday, so hope for some success from this batch.

I have a lot to do, today, but maybe I can v. quickly get some beds ready for squash and shove some seeds in the ground. And maybe some more flowers??

Was at a (lovely) wedding yesterday & everyone I spoke with who is a gardener started their garden update (I asked, of course) with "well, I got a really late start this year..." Yeah, 'cause we had SNOW in the middle of May, maybe?

Gardening is always different from year to year.

That's part of its charm--you never know what's going to happen.


P.S. Due to a precocious guess (that'd be YOU, Katie =)), I'm reminded to tell you that super-accurate guesses will be temporally suppressed, initially, in order to allow everyone a fresh guess. Smarty-"guesses" are much appreciated, and their guesses, like a fine wine, will not be served before their time. =) bb


  1. Toad? Eats bugs in garden. I was just pulling stuff out of the garage to clean windows and plant tomatoes when I saw a similar size poop and my heart lifted remembering the huge toad that lived under the compost bin last year until I realized it was probably rat poop - straight sides, more pointy ends, less moisty-looking.


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