Sunday, July 17, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the gym... (desert bloom pic)


Ran into a friend yesterday who, when I told her I wanted a rug beater, suggested I check out this estate sale by her house.

I am not a shopper.

That includes estate sales (been to 3 in my life and was bored/slightly sad each time).

But, we go 'cause I want that old school tool for cleaning my rugs and getting a workout @ the same time.

The woman who'd passed away had THE MOST INCREDIBLE CLOSETS FULL of GLAMOR I'd ever seen, outside of a Myrna Loy film (The Thin Man series). Or Doris Day.

Check out Myrna's PJs @ 1:00 (one minute) in.


Lots of sequins, gowns with feathery fluff at the sleeve cuffs and neckline, silk and satin, chiffon, bright, light-as-air scarves, SUPER stylish shoes, and dress coats with fur cuff & collar and HUGE buttons. And beautiful dress slips with wonderful lace details.

We blew off the gym and spent probably 45 minutes there, and $120 later I brought home my pile of goodies. $120. Jeeze. Bear bought some SUPER stylish thin silk ties. WONderful, subtle things.

Anyhow, it made me want to know this woman. Who knew someone SO stylish and classic was in this tiny town?

So, I changed my facebook pic yesterday to the beavertail cactus bloom 'cause I think of her that way. Unabashedly beautiful, daring, stylish, and impermanent.

And clearly, a MUCH better shopper than I.



  1. I love that first Thin Man movie. Did you find a rug beater? I imagine an old tennis racket would also work, without the old-time style.

  2. =) I do too (love that movie). Funny, I forgot all about the rug beater. I did NOT and using a tennis racket is a GREAT idea!! I am SO THERE! =) Now I just have to find one, but I assume we have one somewhere. Thanks for the genius idea. =)


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