Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phriday Photo quiz answer + extra Yosemite bits

Waiting in line to get into the park, saw this guy trotting toward me so thought well, MAYBE I can get my camera out in time. I flung the lens cap off with one hand, and pointed the camera at him (no time for looking through viewer). Then he was gone. Can't believe he's actually in the frame.

Apparently if someone makes like they're going to feed him, he'll put on a begging show. I wonder if he tap dances?

In case you didn't know, feeding wildlife is never a good idea for the animal (for lots of reasons), and frequently one can tell which animals are fed human food because they look so much less healthy than their 100% wild cohorts. Seriously, you can tell from yards and yards away.

Anyhow, I got into the valley, got onto the bike, and riding toward Happy Isles, saw this on my left, adjacent to the campground.

And I thought, hey, this might be good fodder for a photo quiz.

View downstream at Happy Isles bridge; Basket Dome is da big rock.

Biking to the Ahwahnee to meet Bear for brunch:

Then, the view to your right (east) as you pedal down this path:

That's part of Royal Arches on the left,
and Half Dome on the right.

Biking in Yosemite = HEAVEN.

Nice job to the ladies with the correct answers to the Phriday Photo Quiz. Their "guesses" are in the comments on that post. biobabbler isn't quite her usual loquacious self, of late, so that'll have to do for now.

Hope everyone is well, and is able to maintain a reasonable temperature.



  1. This is a beautiful look at some of the sites of Yosemite. How lucky to grab the photo of the critter.

  2. That first picture reminds me of a coyote I saw trotting along the road west of the Wawona Tunnel during a hailstorm. He or she was squinting, ears flat, and I was pretty sure we were thinking the same thing--"I hope this lets up soon!"

  3. People feeding animals is definitely not good. Hence, I guess, the bear trap. Mind you, that trap looks a bit lightweight to me. I think I'd want those great big thick reinforcing buttresses you see on fertiliser trucks!

  4. @Emma, yes, lucky!

    @CP I'm sure you're right. I think I look the same when I'm getting hailed on. I know I do in freezing rain, a treat I experienced in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while wearing my UC San Diego rain poncho, ironically enough. Poor little coyote doesn't get a hot bath, tho', like I did.

    @Snail Yes, re: if I had to drive that pup.

  5. ok...i didn't think it was a giant noodle stariner...in fact i had a feeli ng it was a trap or holding tank for a BIG animal...but noodle strainer just seemed...well...like a WILD guess! ha!
    NO, bad idea to feed wild animals...here in FL we know all to well what can happen...esp with the 'gators!

    awesome ROCK pictures!! (i want to be there...)

  6. @Laura K, Of course I knew you were just being entertaining, and it worked for me. =)

    Glad you like the rocks.

    Something I chatted with people about last night at a dinner there was the joy of being a host here. You give people a bed (not amazing bed, just a bed), food, water, bathtub, and they are SO HAPPY and freak out, but TOTALLY because of the park. The park does all the work. Just get them there and back, and they'll be transported. =)


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