Wednesday, July 13, 2011

teeny, TINY little red guys in the garden--what are they?

Found these under a brick in the garden. Literally RAN back to the house, grabbed camera, then RAN back to garden (as they seemed to be scattering quickly) to get a few shots.

This is not a quiz; it is a question.

(obviously wanna click on this and zoom in but this gives you size)

Anyone know what these pups are? I realize the shots are not the best. They had bright red, very round abdomens, like shiny balloons.

Did I mention they were TINY? They made pine needles look like giant logs.

Here's a detail of a photo for the best shot of their shape.

Not lookin' like mites, which is what I normally think when I see tiny tiny scarlet bugs.

Any wild guesses?




  1. I'm thinking maybe they are burrowing bug nymphs - check out this photo.

  2. @Emma, neither can I!

    @Ted, that seems like a good guess. That one where it's reaching up to the blade of grass DOES look like a baby picture. =) Thanks very much for the lead!

  3. I'd put them down as bug nymphs too. (Not that this will advance the ID at all!)


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