Wednesday, August 31, 2011

furry study buddy (warning to arachniphobes...) & garden alert

Study buddy

This was on the window screen yesterday, nearest where I sit and edit.

Nice pedipalps, baby! Kinda furry, eh?

Nice to have company while I'm working.
And an excuse to get off my fanny and grab the camera.
I'll try to figure out who she is when I have more time,
ooh, and then I can add (presumed) her to my species pages...

Garden alert for No. Hemisphere folks

Dood, it's the last day of August!

I've not even BEGUN my August plantings. (eep!)
You know, peas, lettuce, and whatever else
grows happily when it's cool vs. 100 dF.

What do you typically plant in late summer, early fall?

And when are you expecting/planning the harvest?
Fall, winter, spring... ?

I'm still learning, so am interested to hear what you do.

Typically, I'm so hip-deep in the high tide of August harvesting,
I can't even think about planting. However, this year
I am determined to get more year-round from our dirt.

Gotta get to it!




  1. Couple of years back I planted a Winter garden. Started the seeds in pots (except for snow peas) right about now, so don't worry, you're right on schedule. Everything did great! Froze solid just about every night Nov.-Feb., but thawed out in the sun just fine each day. Peas, spinach, collards, lettuce, broccoli. We had spinach and collards all Winter, everything else came in starting Feb. and was pulled out in May to make room for tomatoes. Good luck!

  2. Oooh, Katie, GREAT. Thanks for all that info. I forgot about spinach and Bear loves it. Sweet! And I bet the chickens would FLIP for collards in the winter. Good, good, good. =)

  3. If my harvestman landed on you last night, it's harmless. Maybe eight legs worth of good luck!

    -- Rick


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