Tuesday, August 23, 2011

if I eat all of this, I may become a human bean... and tiny earthquake note

Today's harvest

Here you mostly see tomatoes,
but there are so many green beans 'neath,
my arm was getting tired from cradling it all.

Harvest plated. Note green bean spillover.
Reminds me of my favorite book,
Angle of Repose, by Wallace Stegner.
Above, we see the angle of repose for pole beans.


Also, a FEW cherry peppers are on the left, 1st pick.

And one cherry tomato got smushed a bit on my shirt.
Had to eat that one right away.
I am no slacker when it comes to cherry tomato clean up. 

Record keeping

So, do you weigh your harvest?
I have, but I'm super not consistent,
and the only place I record it is here.

How much of your gardening do you track?
How do you think you've benefitted from it?
Is there anything useful you would not have learned had you not?

Please share in the comments.

I mostly just track what I planted so I rotate my crops properly.


And, for those of you on the east coast,
who experienced the 5.9 earthquake today,
I hope you and yours are well.

Personally, I think earthquakes would be MUCH more fun
if you could know ahead of time all will be well,
so just have fun with it.

I do remember when I was 14, running outside during an earthquake
so I could feel our sidewalk move.

Thought it'd be cool.

It was.




  1. I never weigh my produce. I mark down the date of the first one and HOW MANY I get. Weight means nothing to me. I do know I need an average of 3 onions per week, or 12 potatoes per week. Pounds don't tell me anything useful.
    And I record the date the first ones come in so I know the following year about when to expect what. Makes vacation planning a whole lot easier!

  2. Durn, you even like Stegner. But what do you really think about the end of Angle of Repose? Oh wait, this is a natural history blog talking about gardening. Most be a Milky Way night . . .

  3. @Cindy LOVE Stegner. =) Talked to husband this a.m., asking "So, what happened at the end?" It's been a while for both of us, so not really sure we remember, but I do recall when Bear was relating the story line to me before I read it, I asked "So, why are you reading this downer of a book?" 'Cause the story line is not super happy. But then I read it and got sucked into that world 100%. A Milky Way night, I need to look that up.

    @Sue: Ooh, good idea, and that's not a lot of data to record, so I will be thinking about that. One thing that never changes, though, is August is heavy harvesting month, tho' this year it waited until about 2/3 of the way through. =)

  4. I record dates of planting, sprout, bloom, harvest, etc. It never occurred to me to weigh my harvest (although I may start now!), I usually just eyeball the quantity-- number of tomatoes, volume of beans, that kind of thing. I keep a garden journal so I remember what I planted where, what I thought would be good for next year and what worked or didn't work (and possible theories why, e.g. super hot summer). Also I keep the journal just because I like to sit outside and write about my garden. :-)

    It's very helpful-- otherwise I'd forget the discussion I had with my husband about his preferred veggies, or the brilliant ideas I had about what to plant in the new plot. It should be useful ten years from now too so I can look back and see how the garden and my gardening skills have improved. I hope.



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