Thursday, August 4, 2011

mystery moth PAIR =)

All of these are pretty big pics, so click & zoom can be enlightening...

Moth tummies as seen from my computer room.
These guys are only about 1 cm long, front to back.
Cute little pair!

Mysterious third moth reflection...


From a different angle, it looked much lighter,
and here you can see the lovely way the back
of the wings forms an arch. heaven.

This was the most artistic of the shots, IMHO.

So, anyone know what species these are?
I think it's two females, is that right?
Do we know if female moths hanging out is common??

VERY much looking forward to your input.




tap tap tap tap tap
(the sound of bb's toe tapping, waiting anxiously for your answers!!!)


  1. These are Crambidae moths - Chalcoela iphitalis. Most interestingly the larvae are parasites of paper wasps, Polistes species!

    I don't know if they are females or not, I think the only way to check is using a microscope.

    Great photos!

  2. I know very little about butterflies and moths. Pretty much, the extent of my knowledge is that they are pretty to look at.

  3. @Chris: THANK YOU! =) I super appreciate it, and knew you'd know. Parasites of paper wasps, now that's interesting. AND, around the CORNER from where I photographed those moths, I've been watching wasps very busily building a paper nest! Hm.... =) Intrigue! Cool.

    @Emma. =) Appreciation is SO terribly important, and I'm SO glad you have it. =)

  4. Oh, wow! Moth caterpillars that parasitise paper wasps. That's turning the tables in a big way.

    A big thank you for the pics, bb, and to Chris for the ID.


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