Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short attention span rewrite: sunflower eye candy, quiz, & OUT

I decided that the rousing lack of response to
yesterday's post is 'cause it's too long.

I hear ya. I'm queen of "ech, I can't read all that!"


supermane sunflowers in full glory

Photos are big, so click and zoom is good...

new quiz

What is "malacothamnus"? (w/o looking it up)

It repeated incessantly in my brain yesterday morning,
and now that I looked it up, I get why.

I-have-no-idea guesses are appreciated,
as well as studly-spot-on-I-totally-know-this answers.

I'm out!

P.S. FYI I have posted accurate, as well as the creative, answers, so you might want to have your answer ready, before you type it into comments. =)


  1. Actually, this post made me curious about your last post, which I'd missed, and I read the whole thing with great pleasure. (Wish I knew why the beans turned the water orange, too. Were they playing with food coloring in the night?) I feel as if I *should* know what malacothamnus is (maybe because the study of mollusks is malacology?), but I'm damned if I do. It sounds either geological or anatomical to me, so I'll say it's a small bone below the kneecap that looks like a clam.

  2. I can get as far as malaco, because that means shelled or summat along those lines --- malacologist (mollusc expert), Malacostraca (crabs and stuff) --- but thamnus? It sounds planty to me, eg. Calothamnus.

  3. Mallow flower. Boring for me because I know that one. But I didn't know the last one - toxophilite - and I guessed it was the fortunately soon-to-be obsolete deadly task of filing paperwork. But I couldn't get the scrabbled word function of comment submittal on your blog to work in mobile version. Has anyone else had that problem?

  4. I have no idea - here's my guess...It's the part of the brain that controls your senses, allowing you to walk on a raised wall or stony outcroppings

  5. Oh, wow, you guys are SO CREATIVE and SO SMART!! LOVING all of your guesses. =)


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