Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vocab quiz: toxophilite

Without looking it up, what does this mean?

If you know, please share your lovely neuronal paths with us.

If you don't know, you have the enviable opportunity to totally guess what it is, based on whatever-you-like.


Like before Christmas day, all these exciting packages with hidden, unknown goodies.

What could it be?!?

And please guess soon. =)

I am SO in love with the photo that I'll post with the answer, I will not be able to wait long.

HINT: I am a toxophilite in one sense of the word, but would love to work toward becoming a toxophilite in the other sense. Kinda doubt I'll get there, but it'd be fun to try.


P.S. Learned this word today, hoping that there'd be some new word for me to learn re: this subject. And, oh-so-happily, there is. I LOVE the English language.


  1. Something to do with archery? Amirite? I'm trotting this out because the archerfish here are in the genus Toxotes and that's close enough for me. (The common mangrove species is Toxotes jaculatrix. I have no opinion about that name.)

  2. oh MY. We have SUCH a great guess, but I can't put it up yet, 'cause it's too accurate! Have to hold off posting the correct answers so everyone can give it a try. =)

  3. This one's new to me. My guess: a toxophilite is a person who's irresistably drawn to things that are harmful (e.g. snake enthusiasts).

  4. Someone who willingly imbibes poisons, but really, only a little at a time. "I'll have an Amanita Lite, please-- I'm on a diet."

  5. I looked it up - archery - a lover of the bow. So nothing to do with toxin.

  6. Does it have something to do with a person who launches pointy things with a bent stick and some string (more or less)?


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