Monday, October 17, 2011

I wanna' live! And other thoughts on the flu

I'll post something normal once I'm better enough that checking e-mail isn't disorienting.

Just moments ago I looked at the list of messages in my inbox. And stared.

" do I do this? Which one do I read first? The bold ones, right? And why are they wiggling?"

Eating 2 meals in 3 days is NOT good for your IQ. Or your eyesight, apparently.

FYI, if you find yourself in your undies, curled up in the fetal position on bathroom tile at 3 a.m., and then ask (between moans and "ow"s) for a pillow and a blanket, you are not well.

This is the first time the flu has ever scared me. I can see how it's killed so many people.


So teetering around the house today, trying to get re-oriented to my life. Not exaggerating.

Had to ask Bear yesterday "When was I really sick, was it last night?" "No, the night before." "Oh." I really had no idea. That's a new symptom.

I feel like I must have fried some brain cells, 'cause I keep not knowing what to do.

"What do I usually do when I'm getting over the flu?"
(p.s. imagine long pauses between each thought, with NOTHING in between. Just dead air = bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
"Should I nap?"
"Make toast?"
"Do the dishes?"
"Plant lettuce?"

Annnd she stares out the window. For a while. Then gets a glass of water. Hooray!

The one thing I do know I should not do is work. This brain is not in any state to edit other conscious people's text. If they had eaten within 24 hours of writing their papers they're way ahead of me.



p.s. Case in point, 1st draft of last sentence above I wrote "paper's"!!! I committed the ever-more-popular writing tic of adding apostrophes everywhere possible and completely unnecessary (as in your basic plural). My #1 pet peeve, of late. Not well.
p.p.s. And "dead air" took me 5 minutes to come up with.
"Blank air?" bzzzz "Flat air?" bzzzzzzzzzzzz
"Blank air?" bzzzzzzzzz "Flat air??" bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Ouch. I recently did battle with the sickness as well, but it did not result in the classic fetal-position-on-the-bathroom-fllor syndrome. Still coughing up some lovely nuggets. Get better!

  2. =) Thanks, SS. Sorry you're ill, too. Hope you mend quickly and completely. Apparently it's been going around here, including a friend's husband's entire fire house.

    humbling, eh?

  3. Ouch, I had a dying-on-the-bathroom-floor flu a couple years ago. Scary! Hope you're up and around again soon.

  4. That sounds bad! I hope you're recovering by now.

  5. =) Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling MUCH better, and now remember how many times a day I normally have to feed myself (oh, 'bout 6, minimum). Jeepers! Sun is shining, I'm seeing in color, and will probably actually work tomorrow. Hooray!!

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better. That must have been an awful flu. Do you remember in AA when our mutual housemate and I got the flu? She passed out with a glass in her hand. It shattered and I stepped on a chunk of it slicing my fever-ridden foot on it. You managed to stay well. Love your blog, btw :-)

  7. @cmacf1 Hey, baby! =) Yes, I do remember that, and that you 2 wondered how I stayed well, and decided it's 'cause I'm a rather enthusiastic hand washer. =) I forgot about her passing out, but I seem to recall the subsequent cut. Poor little creatures! =) Glad we're all better. xo


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