Sunday, January 8, 2012

location, location, location


This is basically the backyard of where we stayed while on Oahu, HI (friend's mother's house). The first few days the canal was closed off and patrolled by military gentlemen in a small, black, inflatable boat to protect the canal and bridge, as this canal leads to the neighborhood where President Obama was staying. My friend, who slept out on their large, enclosed porch, said those men look reallllly bored, poor things. Very small area to patrol. However, bored is better than in a violent confrontation with a nutty malcontent, so yay, boring!


Took this shot early in the a.m., so it's kinda dark.
Was originally going for ducks on the canal,
but then saw the mountain.
Oh, that.



  1. Holy smokes, that's beautiful.
    I'd volunteer to be bored there any day!

  2. Beautiful! Sure beats my view of an icy-patched soccer field!

  3. Gosh, that's stunning. And my vote also goes to being bored under those circumstances. I'd even talk into my sleeve, if necessary, to keep up appearances.

  4. wow. beautiful. i agree with the others...bore me anytime with that view!


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