Sunday, February 19, 2012

By popular demand, non-icky woodrat proof

Popular demand being one (see last post & comments). =) Works for me!

Not the greatest shot, but as far as poop proof, goes, it'll do:

See, very much rat-like, those dark little capsule-shaped things (if you're lucky enough to be experienced in this rarified field). Belongs to bushy-tailed woodrat (again, see last post).

This poop is not at all like the snake, mouse, lizard, shrew, bird, insect, or marine snail poop I've been decorated with, thanks to wise creatures trying to discourage my unwelcome attentions.

Good way to get the message across, say to a persistent and unwanted suitor, or any annoying creature.

Poop on 'em.

They'll get it. Even if they're an entirely different species.


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I'm here for you.



  1. Too funny! I'm sorry your woodrats got kicked out of their home. You must check out Ken's "This Old Woodrat House":


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