Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring is for the birds

the clouds keep thinking it's winter: 2 days ago

but the birds know what's up.

The ladies, yesterday,

followed closely by the gentlemen, in glossy perfection.

Even the chickens are getting into gear.
Spring start up: big & little eggs.

Yesterday, they laid the 3 large ones at the top, 1 egg each.
I think their equipment is now officially warmed up for the season. =)

And tho' I have no photographs to prove it,
the yellow-rumped warblers are SO BRIGHT,
their sunny fannies and foreheads light up the yard.

Do you have any favorite signs of spring where you live?
Do tell. =)



  1. Here in Missouri, it's the redbuds for me. But we are a month ahead on the blooming things and into the '80s on temps? weird. My Royal Star Magnolia came early and had completely shed in 3 days due to the heat.

  2. right now...i'm over run by caterpillars!! BUT, hey...they're pretty cool to look at...and when they metamorph into their beautiful winged selves...aaaaah.

    love your spring visitors!


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