Tuesday, April 3, 2012

friend or foe?

who's that chick w/ the Nikon? 

Trying to accept hawks (red-shouldered, specifically) around our property (chickens, specifically) because we have, this year, TWO ground squirrels (who are FAMOUS for wreaking havoc in gardens) shacked up where once there was ONE. AND they're working on making more squirrels.

Last year we had 1 single squirrel who NEVER went into my garden (P.H.E.W.).

Now she's got a man and he's ALREADY ventured into the garden. NOT good.

Those males and their tendency to wander far and wide. hmph.

SO, I'm trying to allow our local red-shouldered hawk to hang out. Just not sure I can trust a red-tailed hawk around our chickens. Although we have pretty big chickens...

hawk monitoring squirrel shack

Anyhow, that's why I did not shoo this beautiful creature away.

So, bonus of being tolerant is
you can get closer to some very cool things.

=) bb

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  1. your Red Shouldered looks different than ours.
    we have bunches of them around here...along with bunches of squirrels...survival of the fittest!

    cool pic's!


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