Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick quiz & promise of more bobcat photos soon

The additional bobcat photos will be on my facebook page soon,

but right now, here's the quiz:

What is a "weed"?

Please submit your thoughts, erudite or completely random,
in comments below.

ALL ages are welcome. 

These looked like flower boxes, to me.

Bonus question (super-extra tough):

Why did I post these California poppy photos with this quiz?


Best of luck to y'all.

Already psyched for your answers!!



  1. Weed - a plant in the wrong place. To be an effective weeder, you need to know your plants (at various life stages especially when they are seedlings), know the place, and know you, that is, the weeder, and your goals. California poppies are popular in "native" seed mixes, as are Texas bluebonnets and sweet alyssum. Although each is a flower and wild and native to somewhere (California, Texas, Mediterranean), if you are in a natural area, it would be a mistake to plant these "native wildflowers" outside of their natural range. BTW: weeding provides plenty of contemplative time to ponder such things. So we enter the weeding time of year where we can solve all the world's problems at least in our sun-protected head.

  2. weed = a plant someone subjectively dislikes in a particular location. Poppies . . . maybe they grow where some people don't want them? Hard to imagine though! ;)

  3. A weed is something WE don't want, but Mother Nature knows is tough, durable and fuss free.
    Is the poppy a weed? If it is, magnificent!

    And I don't dare say it to my husband, but personally I LOVE dandelions---such a bright flower after a LONG DULL WINTER.

  4. A Weed is but an unloved flower

  5. Weed - Misplaced, overlooked, sometimes subtle, unappreciated beauty.

    Why poppies? Considered a weed until it became our state flower?

  6. weeds...some people pluck em...strangle em...kill em...but i know from experience that there are certain butterflies that go after WEEDS! i let them grow where they come up!
    some 'weeds' are our florida wildflowers!

    hmmmm...the poppies?! looks like they grow pretty a weed...
    beautiful pictures!!

  7. Oh, the hardy, smart weed! I like this quote from Jerry Smith: "But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else. In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit. Weeds are people's idea, not nature's."

    I guessing that somewhere poppies grow and take over like the evil English ivy here in the Pacific Northwest.


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