Saturday, May 5, 2012

3 dozen reasons to get gardening...

As previously posted, LOVED the idea of using eggshells
as starter cups for veggie garden seedlings.

(seriously, how great was this lighting? Love the morning-sun-through-window thing.)

I will not use peat (it eats the planet in a v. unsustainable way).

And, since I've been trying to eat more protein for breakfast,
I've been plowing through eggs. Sweet!

Our ninja invisi-cat & something new on the floor. Must sniff.

So, I think 3 dozen means I need to start filling them
w/damp soil, and popping in some seeds.

I'll keep you posted re: garden haps.
Gotta crank now 'cause leaving town soon,
so must have something started by then. 

Any of y'all doing any gardening stuff?
Feel free to share, including links to your gardening post or images.
I wanna see!! Helps me get my buns movin'.

And, just for fun, I MUST say my latest batch of
organic chocolate chip oatmeal cookies rocks so hard.
Finally getting that flat, chewy, moist action I adore in an oatmeal cookie.

Photo a bit blurry as I had to move quickly to avoid kitty-slobber-flavored cookies.

BTW, headed to some place glorious, tonight,
to experience and try to photograph the GIGANTIC moonrise tonight.



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