Monday, June 25, 2012

2 bugs 4 u

1. This bug landed on my arm at a party Saturday night (since, natch, I was sitting outside), and I was DELIGHTED. This photo is from last August when I found the exact same thing (but that was the 1st time) on my sunflower plant:

Less than a centimeter. Wee small, adorable creature.

The bugguide page on this pup, Dictyonia obscura, says it's a planthopper.

What I saw during this year's encounter is that in the right sunlight, it's wings reflect bright, metallic gold. SO beautiful. And the wing windows cast the COOLEST shadows on my arm. So sweet.

Of course I showed everyone.

Can't take me anywhere...

2. Saw this on our wall a few days ago. I heart the heart on its back. I'm gonna need to look this up. But, right now I'm hungry. =)

This was also small, maybe about 1 cm?, so rest assured it bears NO resemblance to a cockroach in real life. Super quick general guess is hemipteran?

Okay, I had to look.

Looks like a member of the Ligus genus, per bugguide, to me. Common name mirid plant bug, in the Heteropterans, which fall under Hemiptera, so I'm liking my super rough category guess.


A wee bit fuzzy, but a friendly angle.

K. Now I really gotta eat something,
then do my gym duties, etc.

I hope these 2 bugs helped brighten your Monday.
If you're into that kinda thing.



  1. they certainly brighten my day! (Er, night, on this coast.) Especially the leaf-hopper.
    Funny; I overheard an office conversation today (from several cubicles down) that involved a lot of "What WAS that? Was that a mouse?" "It's a huge bug! It fell from the ceiling!" "It's under the desk!" [THUMP] "Okay, I feel better now... What IS that? I've never seen a bug that looks like that before in my life!"

    I still don't know what it was, but the exclamations enlivened my day.

  2. Leave it to you to make even bugs interesting. Love the top one-though I'm not sure I'd WANT it sitting on my arm.........


  3. i'm into that kinda thing, buggers! they're cute! but i'm no good with ids. Either way, I share your delight :)

  4. Neat - I recently started getting into bugs, too. A few weeks ago I even brought a brown widow spider into the house (before I knew what it was). Live and learn. I've gotta find someway to keep myself busy (but not necessarily out of trouble) during the birding off-season.


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