Sunday, July 22, 2012

a biologist's to-do list via 1 photo

Got a helpful suggestion from @rdeatsman of Shasta Blue,
but today I gotta do chores,
so will have to delay serious attempt
at identification.

However, she (Rebecca) gave me good idea.
Assuming all the butterflies in this shot are the same species,
any of y'all wanna contribute to the butterfly What's My Name game?

Add'l info:
They are small, like the many "blue" butterflies,
they were puddling at about 10,000 feet
at Gaylor Lakes in Yosemite, California
in July.

So, whattaya think??



  1. They look like Blues: Lycaenidae, Polyommatinae. I suppose the subfamily name may mean 'many eyes' and refer to the spots on the undersides of the wings. Males puddle to pick up water and nutrients needed for their patrolling. We have species of Celastrina, Glaucopsyche, and Plebejus that look similar to yours, but in CA you have more including Philotiella. Good excuse to buy a butterfly book and have hours of fun and frustration.

  2. i have no idea...good many species look so similar, to me. i picked up a good 'florida butterfly fieldguide' and i still have a hard time IDing!!

    they sure are pretty ones! then again, what butterfly isn't!


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