Thursday, July 26, 2012

wasp-killing moths: & lo, the tables are turned!

They're baaaaack!

Isn't that the coolest creature??
Sage green eyes, nice rusty color, stylish black flecks on the hindwing...

Last year saw these and learned from Mr. Skeptical Moth that they are

"Crambidae moths. Chalcoela iphitalis. Most interestingly
the larvae are parasites of paper wasps, Polistes species!"

If you don't know, wasps are famous for parasitizing all kinds of animals.
Especially caterpillars. You know, baby moths??
So this is an interesting turn.

I love the way their wings are arched. So stylish.

Floating in a summer storm.

Specifically, the "larvae are parasitoids;
they feed on the larvae of paper wasps, Polistes spp."

Yup. Babies eating babies.

(and see the dark blob on the top??)

Prey (the white capped chambers, tended by parents):

The moths are camping right at baby-snack central.

Mother nature:
She may not be merciful,
she may not be kind,
but she gets the job done.



  1. Yay! Score 1 for the moths! (Not that I've got anything against wasps, you understand.)

  2. i never knew there were wasp eating moths. hmmmm, i wonder if we have them here. we sure have a lot of wasps...
    and they're smart too...waiting in line at the baby snack isle.

  3. =) Few people understand just how crafty moths are. Wily, too. =)


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