Monday, August 27, 2012

Hens-free technology

Now that I'm free ranging our hens,
any person exiting our backdoor may encounter the following:

Having recently re-read a chicken-care book,
it reminded me that if you want friendly chickens,
hang out with them, and frequently bring them treats.

What it didn't say was that (my interpretation)
this will make them associate you with goodies.
And either walk or run toward you when you appear.

So, they'll at least look like they like you.

got yogurt?

Of course, I realize they want my treats
rather than my company,
and I'm totally fine with that.

A chicken's gotta do what a chicken's gotta do.

isn't there a reason a common date is
one person giving another person lovely food?

If someone feeds you yummy stuff, over & over,
it'd hard not to at least like them.

So, whether or not these girls actually like us,
it's kinda fun to have chickens trotting toward you
every time you step foot outside the house.

Which, in turn, probably makes me more fond of them,
so I'll do things for them that otherwise I'd never do.

Just for instance.


So... who's the trained animal, here?



  1. As someone who was well-trained by our dog growing up, I recognize the condition! (Though I like to think our dog enjoyed my company even when there wasn't a chance I'd feed him.) Then again, you do get a return on your investment, no?, in the form of eggs and the sight of feathery creatures flying towards you with an affectionate and-or-slightly-predatory glint in their eyes? You can't buy love--er, gluttony--like that. Wait a minute; there's something wrong with that moral...

  2. ha, reminds me of the Botany of Desire and how plants train us, read that one? Mutually beneficial. And I don't know how I would have reacted face to face with a mountain lion. I don't think I'm tall enough!

  3. I have trained my hubby with cookies. He adores me. I think..........


  4. I definitely think it's a circular thing, with benefits all around (no pun intended). And speaking of round benefits, my husband gets very happy if I make quiche or pie. Mmmmm, foooooood....


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