Sunday, August 19, 2012

Morning visitor: wordless


  1. The bucks seem to be coming out of their summer retreats here on the coast. Course it is rifle season. I also noticed a doe aggressively snipping and chasing her fawn short distances. Wonder what that was about.

  2. Love those BIG ears........
    So sweet.

  3. @ Cindy: re: the cranky doe. We see SO many deer here, & they're so relaxed, that I've learned if you see a deer with all these areas on their fur that's poking up, it's cause it's been kicked by some bossy doe. They are NOT gentle leaders. You get in their way, or graze one moment too long at some place they suddenly decide is desirable, either move QUICKLY or get nailed.


    @ Sue: I KNOW. They were really well highlighted by that lighting. MULE deers. Indeed. =)


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