Tuesday, September 25, 2012

visitors: wish we had something to show them....

Should we take them to the local mall?

Introduce them to the neighbors?

Put them to work in the garden?

Or, just sit around and talk about the weather?

I'm stumped.



  1. Sure, sure, rub it in for those of us in less picturesque locations... :)

    Although, you know, not all visitors are content with beauty, apparently. I was in Hawaii once visiting a family friend: my parents and I were thrilled with the birds, the view, the beach... Our friend exclaimed with happy surprise, "Oh, you're such easy guests!"

    Should we have asked for the local mall?

    1. This was a very fun false conundrum. =) We are lucky, of course, to have guests who are pretty much always, as you say, content with beauty. Our home is not fancy, but it's 1.5 hrs from WAY, way fancy. Geologically speaking.


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