Tuesday, October 9, 2012

don't fall in the desert

Again, not flower blooming time so, like Yosemite, it's kinda dull now.

Joshua Tree NP in October (all these are from 10/2010)

And rocks don't change, so if you've been there once...

Plus last time I went there in fall, it rained.


So, if I think of places that are good to visit in fall,
I'll be sure and let you know.


p.s. Do you have any favorite places to venture in fall? DO tell. I am curious.


  1. Just got back from a good long trip out that way and we LOVED Sequoia. Even managed to SCORE a bunch of COulter Pine cones and Sugar Pine cones----which probably aren't a big deal to you, but for a gal from Michigan---WOW! HUGE!

    It was my first time in Joshua Tree. I liked that. And ANY back road is gorgeous with the golden glows of the grasses.
    There is beauty in everything in nature.

    1. Jeeze, I'm going to have to look up coulter pine--sounds familiar, but THAT's not enough. Yes, sugar pine cones are the AWEsome. I've been to the Sequoia end of Sequoia and Kings canyon once, and you most certainly can get a crick in your neck from staring UP at all those magnificent trees.

      Oh, heavens, I'm SO glad you went to JOTR. I LOVE love LOVE that park. And in February/Mar it's also awesome 'cause it's SPRING! Hooray for your trip! =)

  2. Oh, my god--stunningly beautiful! (And what f-stop was that rainbow shot at? Perfectly crisp!)

    I love the beach in fall, but then I love the beach...all the time...

    1. Here's how expert I am re: photography: I clicked the extended info option and it said aperture f 10.0, max aperture = f 4.9. Shutter speed was 400 (yes, the camera was on auto =) ). I'm such a photo plebe. But, glad you enjoyed it! I may have focused by hand... =)

      The ocean is ALWAYS an amazing place, agreed. Day, night, summer, fall, winter, spring. I love how it is different every SINGLE day.

  3. Hang out in the backyard at dusk. The golden fall light is starting to show. Sometimes even in the afternoon, at least out on the central California coast. Also go to Pt Reyes to see the raptors pass over the high points or Kern County to watch vultures migrating by the hundreds or local high points to see the migration. Check with your local birders to find out the best local spots.

    1. You are 100% right. We've been getting great sunsets, lately, and any time I see pink/grey in the clouds I realize I've MISSED the peak of sunset. I will change my ways! I've NEVER done that re: migrating raptors. That is a great idea. Thanks!!

  4. oh cut it out! LOVE that first one! (and all the others, too!). I've been craving a road trip, and this isn't helping. Texas is pretty nice right now but I could really go for some higher elevation....!!


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