Sunday, October 14, 2012

You say tomato... (QUIZ answer)

...I say mitochondria!
photo by Louisa Howard, via Wikipedia's extensive mitochondrion entry

Am I right?

Dead ringer.


And that makes Olivia, of Beasts in a Populous City fame,
the WINNER!!! Woo-hoo!!! Nice work, chica!

ALL of your guesses were most delightful
and imaginative and made my day. THANKS!!

So, if you don't know, mitochondria are cellular organelles in eukaryotes,
and are frequently called the power house of the cell.
It's where most ATP molecules in your body are made,
and ATP is your body's ultimate energy currency.

And the reason dark meat is dark,
is because they are muscles the animal uses a lot,
so they need more energy (mitochondria) there.

Turkeys walk and scratch the ground a lot,
but fly seldom and briefly,
so their legs are dark meat,
& the flight muscles (breast meat) are white.

The wiki entry on re: mitochondrion is extensive, if you want more.

So, do you ever see things in certain ways
because of what you do for a living or as a hobby?
If you recall, do tell.



  1. Remarkable resemblance. I'll never be able to think of tomatoes the same again!

  2. Woohoo! Fame and glory are mine, MINE!!
    Seriously, that resemblance was shocking. Clearly an energetic tomato.
    Certainly--as evidenced here--I see things in a special way because of my biologist's training/warped mind (e.g. while raising veligers--snail larvae--heard someone mention "culture" and thought they were talking about phytoplankton growth, not a musical concert)... I think having become so obsessed with photography in the past few years has made me appreciate the cinematography of movies a lot more. And for a while way back in high school when I was in a fantastic metals class, my assignment was so much on my mind that, passing an antique store display, I exclaimed excitedly, "Oooh! KNIVES!" and scared the hell out of a few passersby.


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