Thursday, December 6, 2012

800th post potpourri

classic bb photo of yore: taken whilst upside down & mega happy
at Mt. Rainier NP, hiking w/ marvelous friends.

So, not that I think numbers like this really matter, but
800 posts?!?

Apparently "biobabbler" was apt.

FUN combo of teddy bear sunflowers & pole beans I planted.
Frozen whimsey. Heaven.

I'd been thinking about what this one might be,
like a potpourri of random bio-dorky things
I've been doing & seeing & thinking lately.

'Cause that's what this blog is, really.

freakishly HUGE hole in our heads,
a.k.a. the sinus cavity. FREAKS me OUT.

But, then I randomly clicked on "insert image" in blogger,
and it brought up ALL the photos from this blog.
Trip down memory lane.

Amazing post-storm sunset after cruising Yosemite.

So, I'll share my recent things later.
For today, a random smattering of previous postage.

wetland outside New Orleans, weirdo lighting heaven.


Western toad at our house. Note wee size via clover comparison. *sigh*
& the 4 letter code for it is (was) WETO so we biodorks call it "wee-toe". It is wee.

bb training volunteers in rocky intertidal monitoring by doing a demo plot.
At Cabrillo NM years ago. Upgraded water wear since then. =) & now I am a volunteer.

Bambi in the yard! teeter, teeter....

Point Reyes National Seashore. Heart. Majorly.

beloved coworkers' tootsies. Good shoes for Rattlesnake Land.
Note snake gaiters on lower right. Smart. But, HOT.

Freaky things lakes do when they freeze. Had no idea. Tenaya Lake, Yosemite.


Thank you all for checking in and commenting, etc., over the years.

You are are the BEST!

800 hugs.


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  1. Congrats--that's quite a landmark!
    I remember a lot of these--but there are quite a few I've not seen. Very nice.
    The best part about looking back on photos---you can transport yourself back to that very scene. You've been fortunate to see so many things. How many people just coast through their day without SEEING?


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