Monday, January 28, 2013

Awkward v. classic bird angles

One thing models and actors frequently know is their best angles.

I know a few people (who also happen to be beauties) who attribute
their 59 million fabulous photos to knowing their best angles.
I'm pretty sure that for them, that's only part of the story.
However, I experimented a tiny bit with this, and it really can make a difference.

Well, this weekend, I learned that some birds, also,
have more and less flattering angles
(from a silly-human perspective, of course).

Witness: the greater white-fronted goose (a.k.a. specklebelly goose).

Classic shot, flattering:

Less classic shot, less flattering:

If you're a human, and IF you have, say, a generously sized nose,
this second shot might not be your favorite. =)

And don't get me wrong, I think it's a lovely nose, sorry, beak.
And I also sincerely believe the application of "good" or "bad"
or "flattering" or "unflattering" to the natural world is basically silly.
It's all projected value.

However, when I pulled up the 2nd shot on my computer,
POW! There was that beak.

And it reminded me of us,
and it made me laugh,
so, I thought I'd share.


Maybe "Awkward wildlife photos" will be a new series.
Have you ever taken any such portraits? If so, DO tell...



  1. I love it! And "Awkward Wildlife photos" could be a tumblr, or a book, or a whole series! Especially when we're talking about birds... To my mind the most bafflingly weird photos are when the birds are facing forward and their beaks seems to disappear entirely--that's just plain *wrong*. I'm glad your goose still has a visible schnoz in spite of the awkward angle.

    1. Oh, agreed! Those face front "what the heck?!?" shots are frequently my favorites 'cause they ARE so shocking and SUPER different. Love it. =) So, you heard it here first, our book can be organized by chapter. Buns away could be the butt shots I have plenty of (wildlife sprinting away, or ducks head-under-water, etc.). We may need to pursue this. =)


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