Monday, February 25, 2013

Professional killers: you know you love them (3 avian, 1 mammal)

From today at the Arizon-Sonora Desert Museum (in Tucson, AZ)
And yes, it's the COOLEST PLACE EVER (& less than $15!).

All raptor shots taken during the Raptor Free Flight show.

blooming ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) in background.

Apparently Harris's hawks frequently hunt in packs (2 or 3 family members).
By the way, on sheer looks alone, I decided years ago this was my favorite hawk. 
Now that I know they hunt cooperatively, they're not just another pretty face. =)

It was about 10 minutes after we saw this individual
move to its more cave-like location
that I realized that during its entire route,
it didn't make a single sound.


Professional killers--
SO good at what they do.

And anything that can survive Homo sapiens impresses me.

What you don't want to see, stumbling in the dark toward the bathroom at 3 a.m.:

Nice kitty.


These were all exciting, beautiful, complex, amazing creatures.
I feel SO privileged that I got to see them so closely.

Today was a fabulous day!



  1. yowser! I'd be breathing very loudly if I opened my eyes to that last shot. Love the textured colors of the gray hawk.

    1. I'm with you on both points. That hawk was SO stunning in person. Wow.

  2. Awww, lookit those sleek engines of death!

    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of such well-adapted creatures. (I can view the birds with a little more equanimity than I can the cougar, though...big cats: eeek.)

    1. Hee. Yes, isn't the way they relish killing adorable?!? I'm the same way re: a clear split in how I feel about an efficient predator. If it can and may try to kill me or if it won't. Funny, that, eh? =) Fear can be very useful.

  3. Wow, you took some wonderful images of these killers.

    If I am ever in the area I will have to make it to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

    1. Oh, I can't IMAGINE the shots YOU'd get there. Definitely must go! =)


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