Saturday, March 9, 2013

ghost town window, javelina, Texas & I'm OUT!

Fun little tour of this ghost town, just west of Big Bend NP.
Former mercury mining site.

I'd go on, and post more photos, but:

1. I'm leaving again (for a conference),
I'll be there all next week,
and am jamming out DARK time tomorrow a.m.
(on 1st day of DAYLIGHT SAVING, eep!!!)
so have 10,000 things to do.

2. I'm presenting a poster for folks who cannot attend
(thank you sequestration)
so I actually need to look professional.

Must practice.

And hillbilly dry-clean (hand wash) dry-clean-only clothes and think happy thoughts.

3. My go-to photo watermark & insta-shrink-it site (free) is not working,
and I don't have time to generate a Plan B

4. I GOTS to GO.

However, rest assured I have LOTS of photos to share
from our Big Bend visit,

Collared peccary, a.k.a. javelina, in Big Bend NP.
Only one we saw, and I'm INCREDIBLY grateful.
Was longing for that SNOUT!!
p.s. not a pig. Not in pig family.

the Arizona-Sonora desert museum,
some shots from the actual road (CA-TX drive = LONG),
some cool petroglyphs we saw at,
you guessed it, Petroglyph NP, etc.

Once I'm back and figure out how I'll process everything,
I'll do that.

If I'm not working on a deadline.
Which I might be.

In the mean time, anyone wanna fling any
watermarking, etc., sources or software hints my way,
feel free to comment me up.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the images you take on this trip!

    1. =) I JUST decided to take my camera. Was going to leave it, but don't think I can. =)

  2. Fabulous photos! Best luck with conference-ness! And how *fantastic* that 1. You saw a javelina! and 2. Made sure to explain that it is *not a pig*.
    It's all about the stealth education...

    1. You made me laugh out loud. Yes, stealth education is a beautiful thing. Thanks for all the positive vibes! =)


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