Friday, March 29, 2013

wildlife commute, t-peas & backyard bloomers

Morning commuters

Evening traffic

In the above, the bobcat was eyeing my 2 white hens.
Needless to say, I changed its mind re: what to eat.

Next time I saw it (about 1 hr later), it had other prey in mind. Yay!

Kitty (-like).

Not kitty-like. Giant eye-spots!

And off he goes!
Gorgeous. Can you imagine looking THAT GOOD naked?!? Wow.


Gently plunked handfuls of been-soaking-3-days
sugar snap peas into the garden, yesterday.

This crop is nerve-wracking.
Everybody & their uncle LOVES to eat baby peas.

So, I covered the peas w/dirt, dried pine needles, dusty weeds,  
rusty chicken wire, and brainwaves of protection.

Hoping maybe 2 dozen baby pea plants survive to clamber skyward.

ALSO hoping that, like the last time I made a legume t-pea,
said cone-o'-plant will host a bird nest!

Backyard wildflowers

 Baby blue-eyes (Nemophila menziesii) are a favorite native wildflower of mine.
Jepson eFlora says that "Nemo·phila" derives from Greek for "woodland-loving."
How sweet.

 I love the tiny stamen (= white filaments + dark anthers*) shadows.

The above bugs ADORE these flowers.

Now go back up to the 1st flower shot.
See? Take your eye back a few inches & that bug is WAY hard to see.
Petals save lives.**

Okay. I owed you an update.
Busy this time of year.
Going out today and tomorrow and maybe tomorrow and def. next weekend.
As in outside.

Hope to see you out there!!
Please feel free to share any outings you've had or will have;
I think it all inspires people to get out more.


*omg, a botanical mystery novel title: Dark Anthers. You heard it here, first! It's MINE.
** a botanically or bicycle-y themed safety message. Pedals or petals save lives. Also mine. =)


  1. OMG! Turkeys!

    OMG! Bobcat!

    How wonderful.

    1. =) It can be a fun place to live, for sure. =)

  2. What a fascinating visitor you have.
    Not good he likes chickens, but beautiful nonetheless!

    We have a flock of ~50 wild turkeys in our yard day after day. It's fun to watch the Toms strut their stuff-all puffed out--and the hens just ignoring them. Reminds me of a hundred years ago--my bar days. Men--they're all alike, whether is fowl or human...hahahahha!

    1. Hee, that's too funny. Yes, during my venture into studying human behavior using the theory of natural selection (as a driver of evolution) I heard the phrase "choosy female" MANY times. Considering the relative costs of the potential outcome, it's no wonder! =)


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