Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday hike in Yosemite, & random vocab quiz! =)

Happy Birthday to me!

Therefore, Bear & I hiked in Yosemite Valley today.
Other years we bike.
I ADORE biking in Yosemite Valley--it's the perfect scale for it.
However, bikes are still dusty from last year, so we hoofed it.

Here's a hint of how glorious the dogwood is right now:

It's a VERY good year for this tree-o-white-blossoms,
so if it's an option, I strongly recommend you get here ASAP.

We hiked up the west side of Mirror Lake Loop,
where we saw forest delights:
There are deciduous forests, and there are delicious forests.
This is a delicious forest. 

 Wild ginger. Check out that GORGEOUS glossy sheen. Phew!

More stunning dogwood flowers.
It's like passing by a supermodel on the trail;
can you REALLY ignore it?!? 

Cool forest fungi
 Hubba, hubba.

Having crossed the river to the east side of Tenaya Creek,
we alit upon the source of the pungent trail decor...
 Might I say, though, nice buns!

On our way out,
we stopped to look at a fungus-laden tree Bear likes.

We were forced to park in this dreary spot
(panning from right to left).


Thank you, Yosemite & National Park Service.
You ROCKED it, hard.


This week my eyes have landed on an outdoor object,
and every time, a word pops into my head:



Please tell me what you think this means,
without looking it up,
and if you have ZERO clue,
please fling the wildest guess you can fabricate.

I heart correct guesses* (& bow to your brain),
but those who bravely chuck forth
creative BS guesses
have a special place in my heart.


You know who you are.


*spot on "guesses" WILL be posted, but not right away,
so other folks can take a stab at it, unencumbered by the facts. =)


  1. What a TERRIFIC way to spend the day. Happy Belated Birthday!

    As for guessing-my BS guess (ha-you're funny!)is a wildflower??

  2. Ootheca: egg mass, as in mantids

  3. Best Belated Wishes, bb. Looks like you had a great time.

    Dunno what the word means, but guessing the double 'o' might have something to do with eggs?
    So perhaps frogspawn or a bird's nest?

  4. It's a rock with round things popping out of it.

  5. Happy birthday! Lots of great photos but I think the wild ginger is my favorite... I made the mistake of reading the previous guesses but something eggy sounds good for ootheca...


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