Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If this is a wasp-killing moth, then it must be July...

One representative of this year's crop of Crambidae moth, Chalcoela iphitalis,
perched lightly on Bear's shoulder.

We've already removed 3 from our house, this year.
Wanna get them back outside, and ON TASK re: non-native wasps. =)

I blogged about them last July,
which is when I discovered them and their surprising lifestyle.
And is also when I got good shots of the wasps.
Very stylish creatures, when seen up close.



  1. Hmmm, just sitting there like butter wouldn't melt in its mouth. Ok, not a particularly insightful moth food plant analogy. But if you're a wasp and your creation myth (not 'moth') involves good and evil, then this isn't what the bad guys would look like in the preacher's big book, I'm guessing. Nature is just plain weird.

    1. Agreed. =) Btw, it took me TWO DAYS to get the creation moth joke. My only excuse is the insanely high temps have weakened my brain. =) Part of why I love nature is what you mention, and what better way to cloak a wolf than in sheep-moth clothing?

  2. I would love to find a moth that destroys deer flies. :-)

    1. Man, that'd be an EXTREMELY popular creature with human beings. =)


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